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Make your Neighborhood More Walkable & Bikeable.

When cars go too fast it makes walking, biking, playing, wheeling, and just getting around without a car tough.

We’re a coalition of volunteers making Allen County, Indiana a safer place to move about on foot.

Join us in creating a better Fort Wayne and Allen County.

Committed to Making our Community More Walkable

Our volunteers focus on three big areas of improvement.


We help neighborhoods solve traffic speed issues, and community walkability through short-term tests and city coordination.


Getting kids to school safely is top priority. Through events and projects that improve walkability, we help the city find safe routes for kids.


City and County policies drive long-term improvements. our coalition offers advice and support in planning and policies that relate to walkability and transportation.

Join the Fun

We organize and take part in all sorts of fun and exciting projects.
Getting involved is easy! Join us as a volunteer and be part of the movement.

Or, you can follow along on social media.

Community Partners

Allen County is filled with passionate and generous partners
who help support and fund projects.

About us.

The Active Transportation Coalition is a loosely knit group of volunteers who work together to make Allen County and Fort Wayne, Indiana a better place to walk, bike, roll and all around get around on foot. We represent dozens of companies, non-profit organizations, government entities and advocates. We’d love to have you join.

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