Sidewalk Games for Neighborhoods

With a little chalk or washable sidewalk paint you can create a lot of fun activities for your neighborhood.

Here are some easy to create games on sidewalks along your block. Simply print out the PDF instructions and start building a fun space for others.

Please note: safety is of utmost importance! Please make sure you’re creating these fund games in places where children and adults can enjoy them without worrying about their safety. Make sure cars won’t be driving where the games are (for example, don’t install on a driveway of alleyway), and ensure there is always good light and visibility. We highly recommend all games be installed on public right-of-way for liability reasons.

Hop Scotch

A classic game that everyone enjoys. Here are simple instructions for creating this game on a neighborhood sidewalk.

Avoid The Shark!

Create a mini- obstacle course that kids (and adults) hop through. Land on the islands, avoid the sharks!