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April 20, 20232 min read

A collection of tools that your neighborhood or organization can use for “tactical urbanism” and “placemaking” on your own.

Active Transportation (ATC)

  • “Experiment in Progress” signs with ground stakes

  • Chalk & tempera paint & brushes/rollers/

  • extension rods/line chalk markers

  • 10 chess tables & 20 chairs

  • PPE & cleanup supplies – gloves, masks, sanitizer, push broom, paper towel

  • 10 ATC Experiment in Progress signs

  • 14 Walk/Bike to School signs

  • Traffic control signs – road closed, test area, reduce speed,

  • Traffic cones (large 25/medium 15)

  • Barricades – 10

  • Pavement marking tape (white & yellow)

  • Plastic sheeting

Contact Betsy Kachmar, if you’d like to use the materials:

Purdue Extension

  • 2 Veo bikes (in Purdue Gold and Black)

  • Blender Bike

  • Art Bike

  • Office support-copies

  • Staff support/Interns

  • Computer/graphics/social media support

Contact Betsy Kachmar:


Our friends at NeighborLink have trucks & tools for about every cleanup/repair project you can think of.  Also, projects can be listed & volunteers solicited for just about any neighborhood improvement.

popup chess park project at Wunderkammer


  • Tables (portable) – photo

  • Chairs – photo

  • Painting supplies

  • pop up tents – photo

  • Food serving equipment

  • Artists

  • Other weird stuff Dan has laying around

Learn more and contact:

Fort Wayne Trails

  • Traffic marker cones (10 at ATC & more as needed)

  • Volunteers/support

Contact Megan McClellan:

City of Fort Wayne – Traffic Engineering

  • Yellow curb paint (Kyle Winling)

  • Staff/technical support (Anna Baer)

  • Project approvals/policy changes

Contact Anna Baer:

City of Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation

All sorts of equipment can be checked out from the P&R storage facility.  City staff willing to take responsibility for the equipment can help you access this resource. Pop up tents, camping supplies, bubble machine, athletic equipment, water tanks, bike racks…

Sometimes you just need some space:  Here’s the link to rent Park & Rec facilities –

City of Fort Wayne – Division of Community Development

  • Portable Bike Corral

  • Staff support/interns

  • Project approvals/Policy changes

  • Survey & data assistance

  • Greenways – Amy Hartzog/Open Streets

Contact Josh Campbell:

Allen County Public Library

  • Weird things you can borrow from the library – games, puzzles, hotspots, movies, books, etc…

  • Access Allen Co – Radio & TV media support – PSA, videos, public access programs, etc.

  • Computer/Maker Lab – can’t find what you need?  Make it!

Indiana AARP

Contact Addison Pollock:

Veo Bike/Scooters

  • Bike/scooter safety training materials

  • Rental bikes/electric scooters

  • Promotional items

Parkview Health

  • Safety giveaways – bike helmets, Parkview swag

  • Speakers/info booth for events

  • Meeting space/greenhouse

  • Funding/volunteers/support for projects

Contact Kylee Bennett:


  • ADA accessibility assessments

  • Assistive technology demonstration equipment (wheelchairs, bikes, etc.)

  • Meeting/activity space

  • Promotional items

Contact Tina Acosta with questions and requests:

America Walks

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