Community Led Traffic Calming Demonstration Program

The City of Fort Wayne’s Community Led Traffic Calming Demonstration Program is an innovative way for neighborhoods to test short-term solutions to traffic speed and safety issues. It’s a one-of-a-kind collaboration between governmental agencies, organizations like the ATC and communities. To get started you’ll need to download they City’s program instructions here:
Then, contact the ATC to get started. We will help you plan out your project, and help check off each requirement for the program.

Step 1

Download the program instructions HERE

Step 2

Contact the ATC to get started on the application process (see below)

Step 3

Meet with ATC volunteers to plan out your project


What neighborhood or community are you with, or want to work with?
If you're not sure about these details we can help you find answers.
Please include street names, intersections or addresses that might help us understand the location you'd like to work at.